Vimeo of Jack 6-10-16,This is a video with Jack Reutemann and Curtis Neuman speaking to some prospects about what we do. Please note the date of the video. Vimeo 6/10/16

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Jim Mabbutt Explanation,Audio File of Jim's explanation of No More Pies

8-6-2014 A Message from Danny Harbison,Market Summary from Danny


NEW! Fiduciary rule raises major questions for robo-advisors
The US Department of Labor (DoL) recently ruled that the fiduciary standard would be extended to apply to advisors who provide advice on retirement plans such as IRAs and 401ks.

NEW! Market Watch/Jim Cramer
Jim Cramer doesn't beat the matket

NEW! The Single-Best Rule For Retirement, 401(k) Advice
The Single-Best Rule For Retirement, 401(k) Advice

NEW! The Average Stock In the S&P 500 Index May Be Down More Than You Think
The Average Stock In the S&P 500 Index May Be Down

About No More Pies!

Bill Good is sort of the silent partner here. He will be at the class, but doesn’t teach at this one. He has recorded an on-line tutorial for your staff to listen to after you get back. He will be there to help with strategy during lunch etc. but this is all about changing your business model, keeping your clients money safe and learning how to talk to clients and prospect about how the Dorsey tool is going to help them.

We include with the class:

  • All seminar materials
  • A daily routine so that you know exactly what to do when you get back home.
  • Copies of Jack’s investments, bond model, watch list and past 5 year ETF purchases
  • Discretionary Advisory Agreement
  • Seminar slide shows for LPL, Raymond James and Wells Fargo as well as Jack’s original which he goes through to share with you how he explains the DWA tools to clients and prospect.
  • No More Pies Lite. This is a condensed version of the slide show that you can use to put on an ipad for one-on-one presentations..
  • Short cuts on what you really need to look at every day to keep the clients’ money safe.
  • Why to use ETFs and how to explain that decision to clients
  • Tactical portfolio management and a practical application of it.
  • A website just for graduates with a chat room, including all past recommended related articles

Plus so much more!!

  • Presious Metals
  • From Jordan Shank on FB 11/25/14
  • “When To Substitute Out Current Holdings.”
  • where ae are in the market
  • Where are we?
  • "Great knowledge. Great stuff." -TT
    Jack Reutemann's presentation was "perfect! This is what I paid for." -PZ
    "Great tech info. Great sales/ marketing info!" -MS
    "Great energy! Worth the cost!" -AN
    Jack Reutemann's presentation was "excellent!" -BC
    "Very valuable information." -BB
    "This will revolutionize my practice!" -RN

    No More Pies
    Rockville MD
    Advisors $2495/Assistants $995
    October 27th & 28th

    **Special pricing on hotel rooms - Call Michelle for details.

    Please call Michelle Graves at 800-678-1480 x 1309 or email at

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